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Szanaterria live


Szanaterria live


Szanaterria live


Szanaterria: Basti (bass) Felix (git) Cathrine (voc) Tim (drum) Stafan (git)



"The last Berlin semifinals show was opened by the special guests: SZANATERRIA. We had invited them to present the audience with something delicious right off the start. That worked pretty well indeed and the crowd filling up the SO36 was drawn in and taken for a ride by the strong voice of the band's fronter Cathrine. This group is on the right track and we will definitely hear more from them soon!"


- Emergenza


Rock, metal, feeling. Five young human beings from a colorful musical origin merge their creativity to mix seeming opposites and come up with a fitting alloy that is molded into a remarkable performance both in the studio and on stage.


Powerful, classic, unique. Sound with a punch that takes proven ingredients from hard rock and heavy metal and fuses them with the alternative music of recent years. Strong female vocals with English lyrics telling of war and love.


Ambition, drive, success. Popular clubs, open air concerts and competitions are the places where Szanaterria is at home. The group reached the local finals of the Emergenza contest twice, impressed the audience at the Global Battle of the Bands and won the contest at the EuroSpeedway. Hailing from Berlin, they have established themselves in the metropolitan music scene, followed by a true fan community that keeps growing steadily.


In January 2011, Szanaterria released their studio debut "A Spark Remains", which is now being promoted in a tour through Germany.