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A Spark Remains  

"A Spark Remains" album preview


#01 The Haunted

Our brand new album "A Spark Remains" is available at our concerts, on Amazon and iTunes. To learn where you can see us live, look further down a bit!


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#02 Redefine
#03 Crissie Wright
#04 Gears Of War
#05 The Devil's Game
#06 Addicted Heart
#07 Crackin' The Bottom
#08 Displaced
#09 On The Run
#10 A Spark Remains
#11 Levanna



Experience Szanaterria live: upcoming shows


  26.08.11 21:00h Zosch, support for "Mexicola"

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CD-Review for "A Spark Remains" on



On the website you will immediately a review of our first album "A Spark Remains". So who´s still undecided to own our musical masterpiece, they should take a closer look to this.



Gigs, gigs, gigs!



Grab your red pen and your calendar because we're here with some gig updates for you! On May 20 we will be thrilled to play with none other than Berlin's local hero Martin Kesici and his band Enrichment at the Blackland. Small venue, big names ;-) Make sure you don't miss it!


On May 28 we're gonna "Rock the Crowd" at the K17 once again, this time with our new friends from Priscilla Sucks and two other bands. Big venue, big sound!


To our amazement, Cathrine and Philipp will hit the finale of the Troubadour Contest on June 10 with a completely different version of Szanaterria's finest songs. We are just as curious as you what metal burners they will be converting into piano pop this time ;-) A hot tip for people with an ear for colorful music at the Wabe.


And finally... after what felt like years of waiting, we are doing it... we will play the EuroSpeedway... on June 18 at the DTM! Hell yeah!


Those who still can't get enough after that are welcome to rock out again with the Szanaterria fan club on July 8 at the Haus 13 (Pfefferberg) as we're battling for the crown at the Whirlpool contest. First prize is a whirlpool for our garden... oh, that *would* be lovely with (hopefully) the summer weather! =D


Once again, tickets for the K17 are FREELY available at!



Whirlpool Contest: first place for Szanaterria



Along with the group Heiß und Eis, we convinced the jury and audience last night to vote us into the final round of the Whirlpool Band Contest. The official Szanaterria fanclub was in the house and rocking out hard in front of the stage - you guys were fantastic! A shout out to everyone who attended and thanks to the jury for the podium finish :-)


It's going to be some time before the finale which will take place in July. Let's wait and see which other two bands will enter after the fourth round!



Hard Rock Battle of the Bands: finale!



Szanaterria has won the prefinals in the Battle of the Bands at Hard Rock Café Berlin! Thank you to everyone for the great atmosphere and do come back soon, because on March 15 we will be performing again in the finale!


March 15, Hard Rock Café - see ya!



Record Release - impressions



Szanaterria says THANK YOU to everyone who attended our record release show - you were incredible! We could not have imagined a better release concert.


At the moment things go a little slow here: accompanying the new year and the album, the website will soon be relaunched. Stay with us!




Szanaterria on the air! What a hammer



We'd like to thank everyone who tuned in to last night and especially those who called in and grabbed some free tickets! We are extremely anxious because of tonight and we're gonna rock the house!


Also, thanks to the nice people we met in the studio and outside - Stefan had trouble picking up his jaw when Schmier of Destruction stood before him, who was on his way to himself! (Photographic evidence coming soon ;-)


If you missed out on us last night, you can listen to the interview here in a slightly cut-down version...


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"Let's rock!"